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Optimize Force Health 

Infectious diseases pose a significant and persistent threat to force health and readiness.

While the primary mission of Army medical research is protection of U.S. Service Members and their families, vaccines and treatments developed by Army researchers also benefit global public health.

Historically, diseases have caused more military casualties than enemy action, and that is why WRAIR was founded – to protect troops from diseases they face around the world. Military Service Members are especially susceptible to respiratory diseases — like COVID-19 — which are easily transmittable in congregate settings such as in training camps, on transports and during deployment.

WRAIR, alongside private industry partners, developed a safe and effective vaccine for Adenovirus types 4&7, common respiratory infections that impacted up to 8 of 10 Service Members during basic training. WRAIR led development and reintroduction of an Adenovirus vaccine, leading to a decrease in cases from 15,000 per year to fewer than 60.